Writing A Body Paragraph Structure

Writing A Body Paragraph Structure

Body paragraphs:

A guide to promoting organization and quality ideas!


  1. TS (Topic Sentence)
  2. CM 1 (1st reason)
  3. CD (concrete detail)
  4. CD* (elaborate on 2 or comment on 3)
  5. CM 2 (2nd reason)
  6. CD
  7. CD*
  8. CM 3 (3rd reason)
  9. CD
  10. CD*
  11. CS (Concluding Sentence)



Wisdom is the ability to be unbiased and not judgmental towards new people or ideas; wisdom mandates that one be open to change and new things. In addition, a person who is wise is a good listener and speaks only when he/she has something substantial to say.  Another quality of the wise is peacefulness in manner.  A wise person will settle disputes with peace and logic rather than physical battles.  Lastly, a wise person is mature, or wise beyond his/her years.

TS In Things Fall Apart, the character that is most wise is Ikemefuna.  CM1 He was able to accept change, regardless of the circumstance.  CD For example, Ikemefuna was able to adapt to the new environment with Okonkwo’s family and community. CD* This shows his ability to cope with change. CM2 He was also able to be open to new and different people.  CD This is revealed through him forming a relationship with Okonkwo and his son. CD* Again, he is able to adapt to people and their lifestyle.  CM3 Lastly, Ikemefuna was wise for his age. CD When he is taken from his family, he is still able to move on and live a productive life. CD* Most kids of his age would not demonstrate such maturity.  CS Based on the qualities necessary to being labeled wise, Ikemefuna is clearly an example a wise person.




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