Descriptive Essay: Ideal Society

Descriptive Essay: Ideal Society


  1. Introduction:

Use similes and descriptive adjectives to describe your ideal society.

Use a good lead as an opening sentence. Use the optional sentence at the bottom of this page or start with a question, a quote, an exclamation, a flashback, or an emotional memory.

  1. Lead sentence to hook your reader__________________________________
  2. Physical Appearance_____________________________________________
  3. Detail/ simile____________________________________________________
  4. Second physical attribute__________________________________________
  5. Thesis Statement_________________________________________________


  1. Characteristics of What Your Ideal Society Looks Like:

Give examples of the characters in your ideal society. Include how it would work. Use active verbs in this section.

Topic Sentence: (Needs to establish that you will be discussing the best traits of your society.)

  1. Characteristic #1 ______________________________________________
  2. Examples and details of characteristic #1____________________________
  3. Characteristic #2_______________________________________________
  4. Examples and details of characteristic #2____________________________
  5. Characteristic #3________________________________________________
  6. Examples and details of characteristic #3_____________________________


III. Characteristics of How Your Ideal Society Works:

Describe how your ideal society works and give examples of how its laws will affect the society’s member’s lives. How does it operate? Include the setting and use adjectives and adverbs.

Topic Sentence: (Needs to establish your society’s purpose.)

  1.   Characteristic of the laws #1___________________________________________________
  2. Details of the law ________________________________________________________
  3. Detail #2_______________________________________________________________
  4.   Characteristic #2____________________________________________________________
  5. Details of the law (2)______________________________________________________
  6. Details of the law (3)______________________________________________________


  1. Your Ideal Society’s Ultimate Goals

Use details, imagery, similes, and examples from other successful societies.
Restate Your Thesis Statement

  1.          Example_______________________________________________________
  2. Example_______________________________________________________
  3. Example_______________________________________________________


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